Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW

I just moved my Audio Quest power cable to my DAC and noticed a more realistic open and better detail. 

I have always been skeptical due to my electrical engineering wife also noticed a better sound. 

The cable never really made any difference on my JC5 amplifier but maybe as someone else pointed out,  power cords make a bigger difference on up front equipment with less sophisticated power supplies. 

Ordered a linear power supply conversion for my streamer.  Will see what that does. 



i could not agree more

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Now order a digital switch from Silent Angel and you will get a bigger improvement.

I was highly skeptical of power cords, until about two weeks ago. My son took the plunge and got a Shunyata Aconda powercord. This power cord is now on his Devialet Expert Pro 220. The degree to which the sound improved is so surprising. We both sat there in total surprise at the result. The sound just cleaned up so much. Everything more incisive clear and resolved. Timing improved. Not inexpensive, but once heard it becomes hard to deny the value of a specialized power cord.

@jjss49 A very good point to make, and one that I missed. You have to be very careful and honest with yourself when critical listening. You must remain neutral in your mind and not swayed by emotion or mood. Choosing the right time for you to listen is essential, and more than one session, not to reinforce what you think you heard earlier, but to listen again with that same open mind. Also, all types of music.


@steakster nice analogy, that program looks interesting too, thanks.