Moved Audio Quest cable to my DAC. WOW

I just moved my Audio Quest power cable to my DAC and noticed a more realistic open and better detail. 

I have always been skeptical due to my electrical engineering wife also noticed a better sound. 

The cable never really made any difference on my JC5 amplifier but maybe as someone else pointed out,  power cords make a bigger difference on up front equipment with less sophisticated power supplies. 

Ordered a linear power supply conversion for my streamer.  Will see what that does. 

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I too have an engineering background. I also have degrees in Physics and Nuclear Engineering. I enjoy seeing laypeople laugh at engineers.

True scientists are indeed skeptical. Google educated scientists jump on simple concepts and get it wrong a lot.

An engineer will continue to pursue improvements with an open mind as @vanson1 has.

I think the concept that is most often missed evaluating power cords is to look at the steady state/DC equivalent current requirements rather than the much higher currents that are seen for very very short times to support dynamics.

As for all the high-dollar cables mentioned above, they engineering behind them is quite well understood. It is in the marketing area where most of these manufacturers excel.



well educated, intellectually curious and honest scientists understand and keep the limits of science, what science can/cannot explain or predict, at front of mind

and then there is the ol' marketing department, baiting and casting hooks into wallets... 

Powercords have improved the sound of my components considerably. The DAC for sure, the greatest impact on my amp. But the influence also depends on the power cord design. Some are made for components, where noise reduction over low resistance (big thick conductors) dominate and visa versa. The design also determines the tonal balance effect… so different cords may impart a tonal shift… like Cardas towards warm and Transparent and AudioQuest little to none.


I have an scientific and engineering background… and was employed as both. The first thing I learned was to quickly locate the limit of science in explaining and then start observing to determine the outcome.. Didn’t take long for me to drop theories that should impact sound and just listen.