Most annoying song, period.

Sorry if I'm replicating a thread.    I've been wanting to say this for years:  Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up.  What's yours?
This thread is obviously fake news, since neither "Blinded by the Light" nor "Werewolves of London" is anywhere to be seen.
Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. Voted #1 for the year at WLS Chicago and it was the worst song on the album. The only good thing about it was it ruined Top 40 for me. Eventually became a Deadhead.
The Beatles B.S. where they were definitely laughing at us.Muskrat Love by America. What a way to destroy a "Best of"  cd.
@dramatictenor--re Afternoon Delight--if "annoying" = puke inducing then you have my vote !