Monitors $1,000 to $2,000?

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Just getting started here. Currently I am looking at:

o Joseph Audio RM7si MK2s
o Monitor Audio Gold Reference (GR) 10s

It is a mid- to large-sized room so a sub will likely eventually be paired. Music selection will vary widely with an emphasis on Jazz and Blues, most likely sourced from a universal player to be deterimed and amped from either a Unico/ Unison Research or a nicely moded Jolinda 302B.


o Which would your pick be?
o What else should I look at?
o Which amp would you pair with?

Thanks so much!
I did a comparison lately between the RM7si, M20s, ProAc Ref8, Amphion Argon and Sonus Faber Concerto. With my YBA DT(50wpc), I prefered the RM7si and Sonus Faber Concerto. The RM7si was better in terms of sound staging but the mid range of the Sonus Faber was outstanding. I settled for the Sonus Faber Concerto.If can afford, I would advise you to check out the rest of these speakers with your amp. It's very important. Based on review I would have got the M20 but amp to speaker pairing proof otherwise.

My system:

CEC 51
(Acoustic Zen XLR)
Northstar DAC
(Silver Audio Hycinth)
YBA Intergre DT
(Harmonic Tech Pro-11)
Sonus Faber Concerto.

Just loved it!
The ATC SCM 12s are outrageous and will best anything I've heard in that price range. Nearly as quick as electrostatics with great vocals. Please add to list.
Joseph Audio Versus Monitor?

It is all a matter of taste, but you asked for opinions, so
here's mine: I am not a fan of Joseph Audio speakers.
I find them too laid back and too smooth -- no punch.

But -- hey -- that's just me.

When I was auditioning them, there was another guy
in the room who was groovin' along and declared them great, "pipe and slippers" type speakers.
Check out the System Audio SA2K at I discovered these $3500 monitors at the 2002 CES being demoed with the BAT VK300x integrated and haven't heard anything better the past 16 months. I "upgraded" from the $5000 Sonus faber Electa Amator I's that had the Esotar T660 tweeters! The SA2K's use modified Scanspeak Revelator drivers. The highs are sweet and non-fatiguing, the bass is unbelievable down to 40Hz -1.5dB and female vocals in particular sound live. If you want punch & balls using tubes for jazz & blues, these monitors are a must audition. I'm driving them with an all tube Kora Galaxy & Eclipse system. The SA2K's have been listed on A'gon between $1700~$2K.