Mola Mola Tambaqui Roon vs Separate Streamers

I'm currently using my Mola Mola Tambaqui with Roon streaming Tidal.

Has anyone added a separate streamer such as the Auralic Aries G2/2.1 or the Lumin U1?  If so, was differences did you hear with the streamer addition?  Is it worthwhile?  

I'd love to hear feedback from other Tambaqui owners.


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I have the Mola Mola Makua with installed DAC (Tambaqui).  My opinion in my system is the DAC presentation does not have a bright nor aggressive top end.  I have found that cabling, including power cords, IC's, and ethernet cables do have some influence on my sound presentation of my Makua.   Though I have not listened to a stand alone Tambaqui in my system instead of my Makua, I have read postings from others that a fine preamp, such as the Makua, has been beneficial over Tambaqui stand alone direct to amp(s).   I have an Antipodes K50 G4 and listen to streaming from it via Roon, Roon with Squeeze Player, and Squeeze for both server and player as well as Roon Ready via ethernet on the Makua DAC.  I also vary using USB and AES/EBU from my K50.   All provide different presentations.  I could live with only one choice, but enjoy all of my alternatives.   

yet another reminder that one person's 'aggressive top end' is another person's 'it's just right' 

which is why one must at some point stop reading others' comments and make the effort to try a target component in ones' own system at length

room, setup, ancillaries, not to mention how each person hears the music determines the outcome and happiness

I currently have a neglected digital side.  I have a Lumin U1X streamer I like very much and (I think) is pretty comparable to other streamers.  I use the DAC on my Esoteric K-03XD (a really nice TEAC transport).  The DAC is nice, equal to most all the other Esoteric stand alone DACs, but I'd like to step it up.

Debating between the Tambaqui and the dCS Vivaldi Apex.

Does anyone know if the Lumin U1X would be acceptable with the Tambaqui?