ML 36 and its digital cables

Hello. I posted a topic here, since the device has a nuance ... I ask the owners of 36 to respond ... the question is this:
The device has a buffer that re-chews any incoming digital data. Does this mean that any working cables "sound" the same and do not affect the sound (do not have an individual handwriting) ???

Someone in practice made comparisons in their system? if yes - share your impressions ... perhaps advice (but only real users ...)
Suppose that 2 speaker cables measure slightly differently.

We’re talking about a difference of 0.06 db overall. You would not be able to hear this change.

If it were closer to 1db, assuming cable b measured far worse, you may be able to tell with midrange and treble frquencies as being slightly sharper. An ideal cable provides no sound its own. It is just clear and transparent.