Micromega MyDAC

Has anyone heard this besides Robert Harley @ TAS?

Just curious as I think it was on display at RMAF and am curious if it lives up to the excellent comments made by TAS.
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I've had the MyDac for three days and about twelve or so hours in it. I use it in my computer rig which is a MBP with Audirvana Plus with a WireWorld Ultra Violet USB, and Kimber Hero interconnects to Audioengine A5+ speakers. It's a modest setup but fits well in the room I'm using it in. Previously I was using the Audioquest Dragonfly, and Audioengine D2 24/96 wireless DAC. The MyDac beats them both, hands down. Bass is deeper and tighter, vocals clear, highs are smoother, and the mids are much better defined. I was surprised how much different, and better the MyDac was. The body is ASB plastic which is fine with me because the build quality is good and the connectors are excellent quality. The input dial is very solid and the power saving position is very nice as it's an instant on once you move the dial to your chosen input. I do not have any experience with DAC's in the $600 and up range and I'm sure there's a difference as you climb the cost ladder. But at sub $400 I think you may be hard pressed to find something smoother and more listenable than the MyDac. At least for the time being.
I saw some highlights about it (RMAF) looks very similar to the airport extreme. Here's one preview:
I actually downgraded from a M2Tech Young DAC to the MyDac. I would say the performance of the Micromega is about 85% of that of the Young at 1/4 the cost. Prior to the M2Tech I had the Rega Dac and I can honestly say to me the MyDac beats the Rega hands down. Compared to the Young there is a little less bass weight and the sound is a little more compressed. For the price I don't think you can do any better. I also have an Arcam rDac in another system and the Micromega easily bests it in every way.
I have been using the Micromega MyDac for a few months in my high end system which has JM Lab Mezzo Utopia Speakers, YBA Passion Integre amp, and YBA CD 1000. When used with the YBA CD 1000 as a source, the sound of MyDac beats that of the far more expensive but older YBA Dac in all types of music, except for classical. I found the review of The Absolue Sound to be extremely representative of the sound quality of the MyDac....lovely body, soundstage depth, bloom and warmth....above all incredibly musical. Not the most refined sound, but for its money it is unbelievable value....a truly fantastic product.
I have to agree with all the comments above. I was shocked at how good this little plastic DAC is sounding in my system! Other than playing playing FLACs, WAVs, AIFFs, etc. through it, I also stream Spotify through my MacBook Pro to it, and it really sounds musical and enjoyable. I love this little DAC. BTW, the cable that comes with it is absolutely crappy, so I use a Pangea 14SE with the C7 end on the DAC side.