Michell Power Supply Upgrade

I'm considering a power supply upgrade for my Gyro SE. Are the Michell HR power supplies REALLY worth the $700.00 bucks? Thank you
Artech's website lists it for $895! That's 36% of the cost of the table itself. So $700 is already a discount. I got mine on ebay for $500.

I haven't A/B'ed with the original power supply, but I thought I did notice a improvement in "stability and authority", and you do get an external speed control adjustment (you have to unscrew the case to get to it inside the stock power supply). But $895 worth or $700? No. I find it hard to justify the $500 I paid for it.

I don't know what Artech is thinking with this kind of pricing structure, or what Michell is thinking letting them set prices like that.
That's kinda what I thought from the reviews that I have read. It's an "okay" upgrade but for $795.00 I expect a lot more than suttle.