Metronome Le Player 3 - CD Transport

Anyone here own or heard a Metronome Le Player CD transport?
Not many CD transports available these days so curious about this one.
The Le Player 3+ is a CDP.
I don’t know anything about it but it is really hard to believe that it’s twice as good as a Jay’s CDT2 or a Pro-Ject RS2 T. Both top loaders which is built to last. Hard to believe that the service is AS good.
Maybe you just want the most expensive one.
No wait, that is the PS PerfectWave on up. At least it ports SACD DSD to the DAC too.
What I wanted was an opinion on the transport from someone who owns one or has heard one.

Fuzztone, your post is pretty much useless on so many levels. Thanks for nothing!

i am sure op knows that metronome has a terrific reputation, mostly in the uber high end for quite a few years now

this player 3 transport looks to me to be excellent trickle down with built-like-a-tank quality and superb engineering

perhaps op can buy one try it and tell the rest of us? :)

market is pretty thin for a 5 grand transport these days, not sure there are many buyers out there, but i am glad some are still building them!

Thank You for starting this thread.  I would not mind owning a Metronome regular CDP.

Happy Listening!
Rja, not sure does this helps, but I have Metronome Le player 2 s. I have seen in the specs that they both use the same type of transport, modified Philips Gf 8. The differnece is, I believe, that Le player 3 (only transort) and 3s (which is dac and cd player) have their transports encapsulated in the “Pickup Box”,which probably means that they have upgraded it from 2s.
From my experience, they probably should as its transport seems to be quite generic.
I have previously used the Dcs and Burmester players (which are much more expensive, of course) and aldo I can say that I am very much satisfied with the sound of Metronome Le player 2s, its transport (in my player, have not seen or tried the no.3 or 3s) like I have said, is not on the level of esoteric transport used in Puccini or Philips cd pro used in Burmester 001. However, neither is the price.
I do not use pc audio, not do I intend to and I prefer one box solutions.

I do not have any direct experience but recently ordered the  Pro-Ject RS2 T for a friend of mine so I am waiting to get one at this time.  I own an older Metronome CDP with matching power supply top loader CDP.  Next the the Audiomeca Mephisto II used as a transport I preferred the Audiomeca because it just sounded so good.  The Metronome is a very close second.  But if the Metronome being a ewer model sounds like my Metronome it is an excellent option.  If I had to choose a CDT today, I would probably buy the CEC 3.  I have used their transports before and I have heard this one which is an excellent sounding Transport for just a few dollars more.