McIntosh MCD201?

I would like to hear from anyone who owns or has carefully auditioned the McIntosh MCD201 CD player. (And yes, I have searched previous posts and have read them all.) I'm considering buying one and like the fact that it has balanced outputs (fixed and variable) and its own volume control, so the balanced outputs can go straight into the amps. Would welcome comments on how this has worked out and on the sound quality of the MCD201. Thanks.
email mrhighendaudio, he is doing amazing things to these units, plus he is a dealer!!!!!!!!

I recently listened to the MCD201 and found the CD playback to sound fantastic, very smooth & musical. However, the transport was too noisy for my small room. If you can place it in a cabinet or far enough away from your listening position, it would be fine. There were initial problems with many units having dificulty reading some CD's. This has reportedly been addressed through firmware updates. Good Luck.
It sounds great, no doubt about it. It tends to favor warm/smooth sound over analytical so if your system is already warm and smooth, it may be too much of a good thing. However if you long for analog sound and are tired of digital hash, it would be a fantastic choice.

Indeed, early models had some issues but luckily it was only software related, which was easily rectified.