Mass Loading ... My Recent Experience

So, I've recently been futzing around with mass loading various components of my system ... used brass weights from Edensound.  Using the weights on top of my CDP and power amp essentially did nothing; the top covers of those pieces are solid and fairly thick.

However, when using the weights on top of my BAT VK-3i tube preamp, there was a material difference in the overall weight of the sound (including bass response), almost as if everything had snapped into place. The top cover of the preamp has a number of slots for ventilation, which thins out the top cover somewhat. That may account for the improvement resulting from mass loading with two round brass weights on each of the preamp's top four corners. I did not expect the sonically pleasing result achieved by this.

Just curious if anyone has had a similar experience with their components.
I use the brass damping weights from Edensound. Results are component dependent, and I’ve had positive results.
I have them on top of my tube preamp and DAC which have covers that are meant to be removed for tube access. These types of components are susceptible to external vibration as well as vibration from the components themselves, ie, transformers.
The dampers control or eliminate resonances caused by internal electrical components and also the metal chassis.

To gain the full benefit of vibration control, the component needs to use isolation footers or an isolation platform in addition to damping weights on top.

@lowrider57 ... I am using Edensound terrastone platforms under all my gear, and have each platform sitting on rubber and cork sandwiched footers. You’re correct about the mass loading being component dependent.
Sounds good @rlb61 . On some components I use TerraStone Roller Bearings which drain vibration into a maple platform.
I also use DH Cones on a couple components with a maple platform.

I agree with your findings regarding mass loading. Imaging can become more focused, bass is tighter, and then there are components in which there is no effect.
The damping weights were extremely effective on a preamp I once owned which had exposed tubes. They stopped all resonance of the cabinet which resulted in low microphonics from the tubes.