Marantz BD7003 + CA 840 C dac - or - Oppo 95

I have the above combo on the left. Got the BD7003 about three years ago and then added the Cambridge Audio 840C. The sound is somewhat improved with the 7003 run coaxially through the 840C but it is not really a significant increase in listening enjoyment – mostly just an extension at the bottom and perhaps minutely at the top with a bit more air. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed this setup allot. As technology has advanced significantly, I’m thinking that the BDP 95 is a big step forward. But I really have no way to know. So, I’m wondering if any of you have compared these two and could provide some comments. I’m pretty sure the video should be quite a bit better. But I’m wondering if the audio will be a significant step better? I could always just get a BDP 93 for half the price and run it through the Cambridge. But I’m wondering if it will really be worth the extra $500 to go to the BDP 95. After all, I have a perfectly working setup now.

BTW, I’m quite happy with the 840C. Sounds great and I really have no reason to be looking for a new CD player.
I was also thinking about the combo of an Oppo 93 + CA 840C. Will that be as good as an Oppo 95?
Pokey77: I owned a Marantz BD7003 for a few years as my first Blu-ray player and loved it. I did upgrade this year to the UD5005 which is reported to have improved audio circuitry with a shorter signal path and upgraded DACs. To me the video quality is about the same but I care far more about the audio as I suspect you do.

So let me see if I understand what you're doing. You've connected the digital out of the BD7003 to the digital input of the 840C to take advantage of that unit's upsampling functionality for improved audio to 384khz. Is that correct so far? Yet you're not hearing a substantial improvement of the audio despite the claims CA make about the 840C. From all I've read and studied about the human ear, no one can hear frequencies above 20Khz so how does 384khz offer any improved sound in this upsampling feature? I am under the assumption that you really cannot improve the sound of a Redbook CD using upsampling or that it is debatable at best. The CD itself needs to be produced differently like in an HDCD, SACD or DVD-A.
Pdn: You understand correctly. Sound from the BD7003 to 840C. The 840 has a pretty good dac, but the two inputs only upsample to I beleive 192khz. Anyway, that is an upsampling frequency; no relation to your hearing at 20-20khz. But the dac in the 840 should be much better than the Marantz. -I only use this setup for watching DVD/Bluray and play CDs in the 840C, which for my purposes is all I need. I'm very happy with that CD player. Anyway, my question is "would the BDP 95 sound better than the setup I already have (BD7003 to 840C)?" Pretty sure that the video will be better but wonder if I need to spend the extra $500 to get the 95 or if I should just go for the 93. If the 93 through the 840C sounds pretty similar to the 95 by itself, then I don't really need to spend the extra $500.

BTW - Anyone know if Oppo or Cambridge Audio are going to release a new BD player this year?
Pokey77: Sorry but I'm just not directly familiar with Oppo Digital units such as the BDP 93 or 95. Looking at the specs though and comparing both machines, the 95 has an upgraded 32bit reference DAC and Torodial transformer so the audio should be superior to the 93. Perhaps someone else here on audiogon can provide input on that. Can you audition these units anywhere nearby? As far as if the 95 would sound better than your current set up with the BD7003 and the Cambridge 840C, only a true audition and comparison would be the tell all. It's probably close. All the best.
Yes, Pdn, that's kind of what I think: It's probably close. In the end, I just need to bring it home and compare it against my current setup.