Manchester, NH

Any audio clubs in the Manchester NH area? If not does the NH seacost audio club still get together? I saw a post from 2004 but not much activity since.

There was a shop in southern NH that sponsored listening noights. It was supposed to be very open ended. Presumably, the point was to generate interest in the gear the shop sold, but I got the impression the nights' agendas were't too heavily dictated. I think it was Ensemble audio - the shop owned by Walter Swanbon.
Hi Honest1,

Yes I am familiar with Walters' shop. It is now called Fidelis ( I think they had a joint venture with Ensemble of Nashua for a while when they were located in Salem. Now they are on their own called "Fidelis" in Derry if I am not mistaken).

Do you know if they still meet?