Magnepan MMG Upgrades

I posted a question on the Red Fuse thread about MMG upgrades and some folks kindly responded with great suggestions. Instead of hijacking that thread, I figured I'll ask a more specific question here from the MMG owners about which upgrades made the most sonic differences. I'd also like to hear any other comments that might help a new Magnepan owner. The speakers already have Sound Anchor stands so I am primarily curious about other changes that folks made with good results.


You need to call Wendell.

The stands don't add anything either.  Why not sell them and upgrade instead?

or add the DWMs - they need to sit closer to you than the speakers tho

randy, I just got the speakers for my second system and was simply asking for upgrade experiences specific to the MMGs, not adding more bass, etc. I doubt if Wendell (from Magnepan) will have much experience to share about aftermarket upgrades. Regardless, thanks for the input.

rodman, great link. Thx.