Magico V2 vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M

Hi, I'm pretty new to high end hifi and this is my first posting here. So this question might sound silly but I hope the gurus can help me out here.

I'm seriously considering the Magico V2 or the Sonus Faber Cremona M. Can anyone share on the different characterictics of these 2 floorstanders in terms of soundstaging, imaging, bass, transparency, airiness, clarity, musicality?

Also what amp would best match these 2 speakers? I favour integrated amps.

Personal audition is very difficult and inconvenient for me as I would have to drive 200km to do it. So I depend very much on reviews and forums. Your response would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.
I also think the speakers you mentioned are not likely to fulfill your criteria. Look into some high efficiency speakers (mid 90s db, impedence preferrably above 4). Then buy matching tubed amp and pre-amp. I think tubes will put that grin on your face. It will take a little research to get a tubed amp that is quiet and with good bass, but there are plenty.
Jtein, I sincerely wish you luck with your search, but your description of what you're looking for sounds to me as if you've been reading too much about audio and not listening enough to music. I've never met a component that put a wide silly grin on my face. There have been countless musical moments that have done it, but never a component. Go to a live concert (unamplified) and see if the highs are silky or the vocals palpable.
Sonus Faber Cremona M for sure.

2 major problems with the Magico IMO

1.Midrange -something not quite right about it,no match for the Sonus.The Cremona midrange is to die for.....

2.You have to use the very best electronics available{Soulution,FM A,etc]to make them can forget about an intergrated amp here with the Magico..

I do not know about your budget,but the ASR Emitter V2_Sonus Faber Cremona could easily send you to musical heaven.
Hang on...I almost forgot to ask the most important question - would the Cremona Ms or the Magico V2 give me a significant sonic improvement over my PMC FB1i?

Someone (whom I respect in the hifi circle) told me that it ain't gonna get much better than my current system due to the law of diminishing returns. If this is true, I might as well not waste my time driving 200km to audition.