M Levinson 36s vs 360s vs Audio Aero Prima Dac...

I have a MLevinson 37 transport and a MLevinson 36s DAC.Looking to replace the 36s with a 360s or Audio Aero Prima DAC....
Using a Madrigal MBC1 AES/EBU between the transport and DAC.Rest of the system,Pathos Logos int amp,Aud Au 24 sp cable and Merlin VSM-MM speakers.
I thank you for your opinions
I have the 37/360s combo and I just replaced my digital cable which was Transparent Reference Digital Link with Madrigal MBC1 AES/EBU and I like the Madrigal better. It seams as if the soundstage goes deeper and the overall sound is improved. In fact, I changed all my cable to Madrigal and I am not looking back. I guest what I am trying to say is move up to the 360s and I believe you will be happy.
I forgot to mention that I use Madrigal CZ Gel 1 XLR interconnects between the 36s and the Merlin BAM module.Also between the Merlin BAM module and the Pathos Logos Balanced inputs.These are really excellent IC's.Bought one 1.5m used ,cut it in half and had it reterminated with the same type of Neutrik connectors by the agents for MLevinson.The savings were huge ....