Have had a Lyra Delos Cartridge for the last month and have any of you goners noticed a elevated treble, shrill thin bright sound from this Cartridge? I wish I had my HANA ML back. This Lyra sounds horrible!!!
I like the Delos very much.  I find it plays best at between 1.7 and 1.72 tracking force.
Before you give up on this cartridge, unless you already have given up on it, I recommend that you send it to SoundSmith or any retipper who offers an inspection service. As someone else said, these devices are made by humans, and it is quite possible that there is a fault in the construction of your particular sample. For the nominal cost of inspection, it is well worth it to make sure you do not have a defective cartridge. Typically such defects can be easily and cheaply corrected.Alternatively, send it to Lyra for inspection. Surely there is no one more qualified.
The Delos is real fast sounding and not particularly romantic, I can see how some might not like it.  I thought it was a ton of fun.

That said it's a bugger to get set up properly, if you aren't aligned correctly it'll let you know for sure.  The alignment, VTA and VTF have to be dialled in to hear what this cartridge can really do.  

If you're 100% confident it's set up correctly and you don't like it after the requisite 100 hours time to move on...
When I heard a Demo of the Delos it was on an all tube system.  Mine is solid state. There is the problem. I would not recommend this cartridge to anyone unless you have tubes which roll of highs and add body and warmth to the sound.