Luxman LV-117 volume potmeter

Service Manual says ...

Volume P.C. Board


Symbol nr. : VR4501

Part No. : 18T80738F02

Volume, Rotary, 150k Ohm, BX2

What would be a good replacement, and how would I get one please?

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BX2 Means it a linear (not log A taper) with 2 segments to be stereo.

I would just get a 100kohm A taper (log taper) Alps Blue Velvet, should do the trick will be in a little different (lower) in position for the same volume that’s all.

Cheers George

Hi imhififan1,

I read your post probably over a week ago, but just couldn't find time to get into it. Totally should have thanked you right then for your post though. Sorry.
Due to extended duties on inland shipping I still haven't found time to explore the center tap loudness issue, but I'm pretty sure my Luxman has a dedicated loudness button ...
Hi Greorge,
Same deal here. Actually have been exploring what pot version would physically fit my amp, but didn't open up my Luxman LV-117 yet.

Best regards to both of you.
It’s almost impossible to find a 150KB stereo pot with center tap, if you omit the loudness control, the ALPS RK27 100KAx2 pot recommended by georgehifi should work. Or you can use a 23-position 2 deck switch with 22x6.8KΩ resistors in series on each channel to make it to a 150KΩ linear stereo stepped attenuator with center tap.
Hi imhififan1, thanks again. I hope to open up my Luxman (again) the coming fortnight.