Lucky Dube

Shocked today to learn of Lucky Dube's untimely death. He was shot in an attempted car jacking in South Africa while taking his children to school. For those Audiogoner's not familiar with Lucky, he was one of the most popular and gifted reggae artists to arrive since Bob Marley. He had the voice of an angel and generally a positive message to his music. "Guns and Roses" from "The Taxman" is one of my reference tracks to test the full range of speakers. If you like reggae, do yourself a favor and pick up one of Lucky's recordings. Only then will you fully understand the tradegy of Lucky being killed in a senseless random act of violence like a story from the lyrics in his music.
That was about 2 months ago. Saw him several years ago in a small venue. Very lively show!
I like "serious Reggae","The Other Side", and "The Taxman"
The Other Side is probably his most accessible recording. He has over 20 albums. The more recent cd's have the best sound quality. There are several videos on Youtube if you want to check him out.