Looking for speaker recs to go with Blue Circle

I (will) have a Blue Circle BC3 preamp and BC28 hybrid amp. I also have an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 CD player. I currently have Tannoy D500 speakers. I'm happy with these speakers plus my wife likes them, but I have not done an extensive speaker search. I happened upon the Tannoys. What speakers would you recommend I consider? I like bluegrass, follk, classical, jazz, ambiant/space music, plus some rock. My listening room is large -- about 24x14x9 high -- with wodden floors and the usual living room acroutments. I actually don't have a dedicated listening position, so good sound off-axis is important plus low volume capabilities. Looking for more of a full-range floor stander than a mini, but I'm open minded. The speakers face long-wise (I know, bad position). I'm looking for an involving speaker, not overly warm nor analytical, and not bright. Something that talks music, something that communicates the instruments and voices as they should be. Not analytical accuracy, but musical accuracy. The Tannoys actually work pretty good. Can I better them? Thanks!
A BC28, huh? Good call. Always depends on how much you want to spend of course, and like I said before I don't know your speakers at all, but considering your room size some of the following should work:

Martin Logan Odyssey
Aerial 10T
Energy Veritas 2.4
Wilson Benesch Act One

Hope that helps...
Budrew, my Blue Circle gear is a step down from what you're running, but I've had great success running them with ProAc monitors. I get great detail, soundstaging AND musicality, especially in the area of female vocals and acoustic instruments. You can take a look at my virtual system. You may want to consider the ProAc floorstanders like the 2.5.
Hey Bud, your post is kind of funny. It's like telling us you own a Porsche twin turbo and asking us what car to go from there. OK, kidding aside, I think your system is great. Just wondering, what cables are you using?
Viggen, You're right. On the one hand I'm saying I'm really happy with the Tannoys and on the other I'm asking for additional recs. I just need something to waste time pondering in the audio world now that the rest of my system is fine ; )

Right now I'm using a mix of Harmonic Tech Truthlinks and Kimber Silverstreaks. I've always liked the Harmonic techs and I got the Kimber to go with my passive preamp (the manufacturer highly recommended them). But, I just ordered some new Audience Au24 interconnects, partly because they are a lot more flexible. Also, Bob Neill, who reviews for Positive Feedback and Enjoy the Music, has a Blue Circle system and his taste in sound is similar to mine so I followed his rec for the Audience interconnects.
Hey Bud, I think Harmonic Technology is great too. In fact, I bought a pair of Silways MK2 from Gunbei. Let us know how the Audience cables work out for you!