Looking for cable recommendations for sennheiser HD800s

After auditioning many different headphones at Axpona, I purchased Sennheiser HD800s. I have begun listening and am happy with my decision.  

But when auditioning at Axpona, I recall none of the booths used the stock cables- everyone was using an upgraded replacement cable.  And as I was focused on the ‘phones, I didn’t really pay much attention to the brands, types, styles of cables.   I do recall Kimber, Cardas and Moon were there, but did not seriously retain any impressions.  And I know from experience with my home rig that cables can make a big improvement.

So I am looking for recommendations for which cables I should consider for my HD800s.  I could spend up to $1000, but would sure like to be in the $500 range.  And used would be fine with me, especially if you know a source for used headphone cables as they are a rare commodity on Audiogon. Thanks.


Yeah, I forgot that.  My bad.  I’d listen to the new cables for a while exclusively to let your ears/brain burn in on the new sound and then switch back to the originals and see what you think.  That should be interesting. 

I've been using Black Dragon headphone cables from Moon Audio for both my Utopia and my Susvara; they are very good and should be in your general price range if you'd like to investigate.