Looking for a bookshelf at 2k or less.....

I tend to like speakers that can reveal a lot of high-frequency detail. The ACI sapphire IIILE's seem to hold back a bit too much for my tastes.

I just listened to the Focal 807V and was blown away...so much detail and open-ness. Anyone know how these compare (besides being cheaper) to the PSB Platinum M2 or the Pradigm S2?
Hi Craig,

Given your taste for the higher frequencies, you owe it to your self to check out the Focus Audio 68se's - they run around 2K new. Taught Bass down to about 50Hz and imaging that's among the best around.

Good hunting,
Thanks for all the response, folks. What brought me to the upgraditis was that I just happened to listen to the JMLabs Focal Chorus 807V. I was utterly surprised how open and articulate they were for so little money...especially compared to my sapphires. I heard details in the music that I hadn't heard before. Has anyone heard these? Am I missing something here? The 807's sounded a lot more detailed than the profile 908s that list for about a grand more.

Most of my music I listen to is acoustic, jazz, and a little rock thrown in.
On the vr-1 front, I may be in the minority, but I was incredibly bored with these using both class D and tube amps. Sounded fine, with decent detail, just bland. Would certainly take the rare Alon mini that popped up here a few days ago over the vr. Had a pair of silverline sr-16's for a while and they were head and shoulders better/more refined in every aspect the the vr1's. The sr17's go for under 1500 here if you can catch some
Angaria, you and I think a like. I did not like the VR-1's in the time that I owned them. I was just plain bored as well.

I also did not like the PSB Stratus Minis that I had. I paid 550 bucks for them and I didn't think they were even worth that. I have not heard the rest of the PSB line, though.

My recommendation is the Revel M20. Have not heard the M22, so I can't comment on that. But I did own the Revel M20 twice and thought it was incredible both times.

For what it's worth, I've owned many paradigms and liked every one that I've had. I listened to the S2 at the dealer and is was so harsh and annoying that I couldn't stand it. I was bummed when I heard that.

I have not heard the Focal you speak of, but if it is like most other JM labs, I'm sure it sounds fantastic.
I , too , will have to agree with Angaria on the VS sound . I don't think that you will get the highs you are seeking .
Depending on your amp , the Reference 3a DeCapo i will provide those type of highs . They do favor tube amps and you would need one that does not roll off the highs . I would take these over the Paradigms that I have heard .
Used @ $1500 .
Good luck .