Looking at a used Nuprime IDA- 8 integrated.

Looking at a used Nuprime IDA- 8.  Does anyone care to chime in with their experience of this unit?  It will be for a second system used for mostly movies/TV (not really a home theater!) but occasional music.  Current speakers are Elac DBR 62 bookshelf.  I like the small size and simplicity.  I've been reading up and it gets some good press for what that's worth.  



I think that’d be hard to beat for the price if buying new. The Bel Canto C6i is probably a big step up in performance but at almost $2800 it’s way up in price too. One other alternative would be to pick up a used Bel Canto C5i (the prior model) if it has the features/connectivity you want. Here’s one you could bid on and should be able to get for $900 - $1000 (MSRP $1795) since there’s a newer model.


Or you could buy a used IDA8 and save some $$$.


Best of luck.

they are very good, well built, quite good sounding, compact, with plenty of power and features... i have built two simple, nice systems for friends based on the ida-8 and a node streamer

Thanks soix and jjss49.  It's on local CL for $500.  I don't think I can go wrong!  As long as it checks out of course.