Listening devices when will they start to fail?

I am 57 years of age. Notice I did not use the word (old). My hearing is still in pretty good shape. I recently had a hearing test and the Doc said my hearing was above average, for my age. There are days my body feels more like I am 67 instead of 57 though....

I was wondering at what age I will no longer be able to fully enjoy the music from my audio system.
What is your age, and how is your hearing? Had it checked lately? Any 70 year young guys out there that still enjoy the music from an audio system? Give me hope!

I'm not sure of a correlation between age and hearing loss, but I do know that there are factors that are in our control. The association between excessive volume and hearing loss has been made. Even short durations of exposure can cause a permanent change in hearing so it's important to take precautions. Using ear protection when operating any loud machinery is a must even if it's for a brief period of time.
I also wish bands wouldn't play so loud at weddings. At times when I've had the unfortunate luck to being seated at a table close to the band, I've gone home with my ears ringing for hours. My father used to say that they should give out earplugs to everyone. It might not be a bad idea.
I will be your age later this year, a year or two ago I received a free hearing test offer from a local hearing aid outlet trying to drum(no pun intended) up some business. I found that my hearing was far away and above most not only my age but younger. A good thing. Hearing is the first sense that we acquire and probably the last one to go, as a rule. With care even with the requirements of old age sound will still(should I say continue) be a wonderful guide to pleasure. Good hearing to all
>"I'm not sure of a correlation between age and hearing loss"<

I wish that were true, but like everything else of the human body age takes it's toll....

"Age related hearing loss is a progressive loss of the ability to hear high frequencies, which occurs as people get older"

Seems it starts at the ripe old age of 18....
Joined the army in '90, served on a M109 artillery unit and went to a lot of very, very loud concerts. If I would take a hearing testI think they'll advice me to sell my hifi gear.... and it's aonly getting worse as I'm getting older. BTW, I'm 36 now....