Linking XBOX ONE S to Google Home for Voice Command

Maybe someone has done this and figured it out already but,
I have linked one of my XBOXES to the Google Home and I got it up and running.
When I try to add my second XBOX ONE It does not show up in the Google Home at all.
I have tried turning the Primary XBOX off and made sure the Secondary XBOX was on and still no luck.
I made sure to do it all from right in front of that Secondary XBOX.
I turned on and selected everything that I did on the first XBOX and still no luck.
I have read where other people have been able to do it but I am not sure what I am doing wrong??
Any Ideas?
Thanks In Advance

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Hi ,Thanks.I did that and was able to setup the first Xbox but ,when I try to do the other Xbox, it does not show up to add like the first one did?
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Sorry I dont know the answer but I was wondering what Smart Home is?  I have a Vintage Home, built in 1925.  Should I be posting any questions for that in Vintage?