Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies

Has anyone else had a power supply die in their Lexicon MC-1, or DC-1 or 2?

It's happened to me twice now. They use what appears to me to be a pretty cheap switching power supply. Lexicon won't service these units for less than $600 (though for that they do a complete refurb). I had my DC-1 repaired a couple of years ago by local reputable shop and it cost $200.

I love the units for home theater. They sound great and are very user friendly for setup and control, but wonder about the reliability.

Am I just unlucky?
here I am answering my own post . . . if I could delete it I would at this point. After posting, I did a little google work and discovered this is a common problem. It seems that the usual problem is capacitors and a number of folks have recapped and were good to go. Also, Lexicon sells a replacement PS that's an upgraded "hospital grade" PS. Installation is similar to installing a hard drive in a PC - just remove the cover, remove 4 screws, disconnect 2 plugs, and reverse the procedure. The price on the new PS is $65, so that's the way I'm going.
Where did you buy your power supply for $65? I had a quote for $95 plus shipping $102.
Just called Lexicon parts dept. They are ordering less of these and the new price shipped is $168! Yikes. My display is very dim and the first simple fix is replace the PS. Less compelling at $168.

Are there any other sources for this PS?

For those that replaced the caps, how many do you change out? Is your fix still working?

ouch. I guess I was lucky I bought when I did. I read somewhere that this is a standard PS unit that can be bought elsewhere (ie through standard component sellers like Mouser). I don't know what P/N to look for though. You may want to google . . .
mine died too. just called lexicon. they now want $184 for new psu shipped w/in usa.

i called www.pyramid-audio.com, authorized lexicon repair center, and i ordered a replacement psu from them for $75 shipped in usa.
received and installed the new ps from pyramid audio. worked perfectly. the display is brighter and looks better. interestingly, the unit seems to sound a whole lot better. much more open. tighter bass. and a huge improvement in the high frequency extension. wow! wish i'd done this while ago. totally forgot how good this unit can sound. highly recommended even if you ps hasn't died yet. i failed to figure out how to remove the old ps without bending the side panel. simply bent it back. looks the same. plan to keep mc-1 for a while now!
Bringing up old post cause I now have the same problem, except that my DC-2 also gave off strong burnt electric fumes. Does this still mean the power supply? I have put together several pc's so replacing it seems within my capabilities.
I found the power supply on Mouser.com for $51. It was a newer model than used originally in the MC-1, but the electrical output specs are the same. Works great!

are you using this ps for a MC-1 or a DC-something?

I'm wondering if I can use a new PS I bought from Pyramid to fix my DC-1 in a MC-1 that has a PS thats out.

Or buy this mouser PS for the broken MC-1.

thoughts or info?
Just joined the ranks (again) of a blown PS on a MC1. HINT --- LEAVE THEM ON STANDBY AND NEVER EVER UNPLUG THEM for as long as you can. The cold start is what kills them - but I am sure people have figures this out.

My first issue was repaired in Singapore and I have no idea what they did. Now, 5 yrs later. It has died again.

There is an earlier comment that installing the new PS (from Mouser or Lexicon) is like putting in a new HD. I read that to mean plug and play.

Can anyone confirm that? e.g. no soldering etc.?

Crwilli - you're correct on both counts - my PSU failed when I had a power outage and it came back on. You'll also notice that when first powered on there's a hi frequency squeal that it puts out for probably 20-30 minutes until it warms up I assume. This may be a hint.

Second - replacement is very my like replacing a hard drive except there's a few more screws to deal with. It any even it's a piece of cake unless you're a total DIY klutz.
Yes, and Yes. Two times I have lost the PS on my MC1. Most recently two weeks ago. However, it is an easy repair you can do with a phillips head screwdriver. Go to Mouser.com and buy this. Delivered it cost $49.

40W +5.1 +15 -15 OUT
How does one know if it's the Power Supply or not? My MC-1 suddenly won't power on at all. No lights - nothing. Is this the symptom? Thank you.
If it's not a fuse (check that first), it's very likely the PSU. You can verify with a VOM meter if you know how. I don't recall exactly what the connections are, but you should be able to trace where the PSU power output connects to the main board and measure if you have any voltage there.
Thanks Bdgregory. Since the fuse must be internal, I'm procuring a new Power Supply before tearing apart the whole HT setup to extract the Lexicon. (A chore I surely relish..)
I took Allhaildawg's link and purchased the power supply from Mouser. Put it in the MC-1 and now we're up and running! Thank you Audiogon guys!!!!
I just have to echo the comments above and say that this is still a relevant thread. Severe thunderstorms are frequent here in middle TN and a recent one tripped my line conditioner and shut off my DC-1. It was several hours before I got home and attempted to power it up -- no dice. Taking the advice above, I ordered a new PS from Mouser and I'm back up and running. Installation couldn't be much easier, just a few screws and a couple ribbon connectors. Thanks gents!
Anyone care to say how they removed power supply without bending side panel? I am preparing to do this only as a last resort.
Answered my own question. There are access holes for each screw so really quite easy.
To those looking for the power supply for a MC-1 they have them here also. As the original listing is out of stock and waiting for delivery. With 79 on order.

After a power outage, my DC-1 won't start up. I'll check the fuse before pulling the PS. Can someone verify if the MC-1 PS is the same for the DC-1 as found here? http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=NFS40-7610Jvirtualkey54020000virtualkey826-NFS40-7610J
In searching a little more, I found that the NFS40-7910 (NFS40-7910J) may be the proper replacement PS for the DC-1. Pretty cheap at $19.99 on eBay -


Can someone confirm that this is the correct PS for the DC-1?
UPDATE. Just received a NFS40-7910 from eBay seller. Couldn't wait to install and test. My DC-1 started right up into diagnostics and seems to be working great again. For $19.99, can't beat it.
My MC-1 also just stopped working - wasn't aware that I should not be subjecting it to cold starts - now I hear a clicking noise when I turn the toggle switch on the back - would it be the power supply or something else entirely? Also, if it is the power supply, does the MC-1 used the same PS as a DC-1? If not, I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.

So glad I found this thread, my DC-1 has been acting up for months, after a few reboots and diagnostic tests it would finally start up. Last week it was in an endless reboot/diagnostic test loop. Ordered and installed the power supply from Mouser and everything is back to normal. Thanks again.

Lightening with loss of house power!
DC-1 would not power on!
Removed old Power supply and thought about capacitor replacement
(fuse not blown)
Did this instead:  NFS40-7910 (NFS40-7910J), ebay 40 bucks
Works Great
It is the right power supply to get
This question is for the Lexicon DC-2 power supply replacements. How has your DC-2 been performing since you replaced the power supply from Mouser at this link from the above threads? http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=NFS40-7610Jvirtualkey54020000virtualkey826-NFS40-7...

It’s a known problem, and a case of basically rape by Lexicon.  This is a $45 supply - not hudreds of $$$.  It's basically Lexicon telling their user base that they feel that you need to spend more money, and want to coerce you to buy a new unit instead of a trivial repair . . . .

I have refitted power supplies in three DC-2’s, and every one ran as well as the day it was built, with no further issues. It’s not like Lexicon used a custom supply - the supply in the DC-1, DC-2, and others is just an off the shelf part (and not a particularly good one at that) and as long as the voltages, amperages, and pinouts match, the number of candidates out there available are multiple. Myself, I have not used the NFS40-7 listed above, but rather the Artsyn LPT-45 https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/826-LPT45 As noted, I have done several, the oldest being probably close to 8 years, and never a burp. If it takes you more than 10 minutes to do a supply replacement in one of these, you are doing it wrong! 5 screws for the cover, 4 screws and one nut for the supply, and two connectors, and done!

Oh, and bought two of my DC-2’s cheap (last for $29, looks like new) since this is such a common problem, the risk of buying these dead is not very high . . . and, as noted, they still sound great!
Finding one with a working remote, however, isn’t as easy . . .
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Hi there. Have a dead MC 8 here. 
Anyone know if there is a fuse?
Maybe on the ps board which I cant see unless removed which apparently needs an angular Philip's which I do not have.
Thank you.
What did you find on your MC-8? I'm looking for a Power Supply for mine, the symptoms are different than yours, it continually goes into diagnostic mode, so it must be thinking it is being powered on over and over. 
Easy to replace, I just have to find one, no luck so far.  

Mouser discontinued the DC 1 power supply production. If anybody needs a replacement board, it can be had from 


It was $70 plus shipping. If anyone is looking for a Lexicon power supply, I would check there first.

Re: MC-1

My system has developed 60hz hum. I have traced it back to my MC-1.  Can I correct this with a power supply replacement?

The hum is present with no inputs connected to the MC-1; disconnect the interconnects to the power amps and hum is gone. Tried different interconnects but hum remains. 

I have tried HUM X but hum remains  

FYI Pyramid doesn’t sell parts; Mouser doesn’t have the power supplies  

suggestions are appreciated  



FYI, replaced the PS with one from Pyramid (same as factory part) hum is gone!

Thanks @tadawson.

DC-1 crapped out and was presenting a blank screen on front (all lit up, no letters/symbols).  No response from any front buttons nor remote.

Replaced the power supply with an Artesyn LPT45 from Newark Electronics $55.77 + $10 shipping.  Newark part number 62K3453. Arrived in three days.

Back in business.  Replacing the board is exactly as @tadawson described.  Easiest with a phillip screwdriver with a magnet head on it.