Lampizator USB input

I recently purchased a used Level 4 Gen 5 dac. I have tried RCA coax, BNC coax and 110 ohm balanced digital cables. Lampizator tells me they prefer the USB connection. I have a Lumin U1 mini which has all outputs. Before I invest in a USB cable, has anyone here tried a Lampi dac with USB?

I had a Lampizator Lite 7 years ago. IME the quality of the transport mattered more than input. 

I felt the DAC was tremendously improved by reclocking. I ended up using a Mutec into the SPDIF while I had it. 

I think out of the Lumin the USB should work well.


I run USB into my Lampi B3 but have not compared the other inputs which I am guessing is what you are really looking for?