KubalaSosna Emotion or Furutech Powerflux?

I am going to replace my Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and power cords (the 2 pairs of speaker cables will remain, bi-wiring my B&W 803D).

For the interconnects (between Luxman D06 sacd player and Luxman top class integrated l-509u) I chose Kubala Sosna Emotion XLR.

I'd like a more dynamic, blended and full bodied sound, heavier on the bottom, smoother but not veiled, a bit (not more) forgiving but still detailed on the top.

For power cords I have to chose between the K-S Emotion and the Furutech Powerflux.

I read reviews of both, they seem to be similar in quality and sonic signature.

Some opinions about that two cables?

I also condider a Lessloss DFC Signature (which uses Oyaide plugs that I appreciated in the past in their maybe too dark Tunami GPX), but the Emotoon and the Powerflux seem to be of another class..

Many thanks

I tried out the K-S Emotion in my system and compared it with JPS Labs Kaptovator power cable. The Kaptovator IMO bested it and provided more resolution, details and speed. The Emotion is also very good, but smoother, calmer and rounder. Had the Furutech Ref. III before and this one and it was no match for K-S & JPS... Now using power cables from PS Audio (AC 12) and JPS Labs (Kaptovator) in my sytem and absolutely happy.
Torrow I will compare my Cardas Golden Reference with the K-S Emotion interconnects, both XLR.

I would be happy if the KS would be smoother (but not veiled) on the top and with more bass depht and definition, at least with the bass energy of the Cardas.

If I will realize the KS Emotion interconnects are on the warm side in the way I like I think I will go further to the KS Emotion power cords (I read they share the same sonic signature... I found the Cardas G.R. power cords a bit too bright in my system, maybe for the rhodium connectors or the ferrite rings Cardas uses as filters), I think I wouldn't go wrong with them, but... does anyone know the Furutech Powerflux, and how it compares to other power cords?
Think there is only one way to find out and that is to try them. Doesn't Cable Co. do loans for trial? Short of that, perhaps a dealer can arrange the same thing.
I had Cardas signal cables and a mix of Shunyata power cables and switched everything to K-S Emotion a while ago. On my system, which uses horns, it gave more texture without harshness and I recently upgraded to a stretch of Elation IC between the phono stage and line stage. My system is very musical, and strikes the right balance between conveying loads of information and presenting it in a natural way. I do attribute that in part to the cables, as well as the selection of associated components, but I think you really have to give it a go in your system, using your ears.
I tried in demo the KS Emotion xlr interconnects.

Without any doubt is better than my Cardas Golden Reference xlr, but it us not as warm as mine.

My system ("one brand" , Luxman source/integrated + Cardas Golden Reference power cords/interconnects/speaker cables) has a neutral tonal balance which is carried to the lean side by the Emotion xlr.

Maybe it would be better in a complete Emotion set, if the Emotion power cords are warmer,softer,thicker sounding than the Cardas Golden Reference AC (maybe the more "transparent" of the line, being the interconnects really warm and the speaker cables very neutral, with more sparkle on the top than my previous Audioquest Gibraltar)...