Krell KSA 250 slow start board schematics


In order to repair an amplifier KRELL KSA 250 I am looking for the schematics or pictures of the slow start board. There have been several versions, mine must be the first version with vertical binding posts. Krell doesn't have this information anymore.
Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!
Thank you. I tried but Dan doesn't have the schematics anymore since hé left the company in 2009. I got schematics from Krell but it doesn't seem to match the first generation of Krell KSA 250
I keep looking for any information.
Try Gaby in Nice. He is used to repair high end gear. He has repaired the krell ksa 50 of a man I know which got fire inside.
I am not home I work on a boat .contact me if you need a phone number and adress.

Do you have the schematics for the 250? Did they send them electronically? My soft start just  stopped starting tonight! :( Very sad! 

Will need to repair it myself!