Kondo KSL speaker cable how do they sound?

I`d love to hear from those of you who`ve owned or have heard the silver and/or the copper versions of these cables. Based on the brand`s reputation for natural sound I`ve become interested to learn more from the audiogon community. All thoughtful insights are very welcome.
i've used them (along with KSL silver i/cs & p/cs) in both tube & SS systems.

tonal balance is pretty even with a slight emphasis in the mids. they hv a 65:35 ratio in terms of musical flow vs. structure. they're prob not as quiet, or hv as much resolution as some of the "modern" cables, but hv an overall balance & coherence that's hard to match. this is fm my personal experience & observation (everyone's room/system/music/perspective/etc. is unique, so YMMV).
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Thanks for your response. Regarding the KSL speaker cable how wide is the performance gap between the silver and copper given the large price difference? based on your input I`d accept a bit less ultra resolution for the gain in the muscical ebb and flow and the priority of preserving coherence.
Kondo KSL is old school stuff that at best is like Audioquest.

There is better wire out there for a lot less $$$.
I recently tried a bi-wired set of KSL silver speaker wire. I now run Kondo wire from the phono cartridge to the speakers. Early impressions are that of more prominent midrange detail, increased air and high-end extension with a slightly leaner overall presentation. Bass is a bit less than my current cables, but overall tonally correct to my ears. The most striking observation is an accuracy and richness of timbre of voices and acoustic instruments that I found most impressive. The increased resonance of the bow on a cello string or the tap on the body of an acoustic guitar that has me questioning the composition of the wood of the guitar is a delight that has elevated my listening pleasure. Cheap? Not. Going back? Never.
Glory, do you mean better wire like ones you use fm the now defunct Virtual Dynamics?! (sorry, i couldn't resist)

Charles1dad, unfortunately i've not tried Kondo's copper cables & am unable to offer any insight &/or comparison.
Your quite eloquent post hit the bullseye directly on what I`m trying to achieve. A pure,natural and honest musical presentation without the typical and cliched hifi sonic artifacts that ultimately lead one away rather than toward the music`s message.


I never made mention of VD wire and neither should you unless you have heard it. Self control .......

You do know the sound of the Kondo wire and that is on subject.

Not worth all the $$$ for great midrange and a drop off of everything else. IMO.