KEF Reference 3 Placed in Small Room

Anybody with a KEF Reference 3 in a small room want to chime in on the size of the room you have. I imagine someone using it in a small room has treated the room. I am now thinking of the KEF Reference 1 or 3 as the upgrade of my office speakers (currently KEF LS50, I am also keeping them).

My friend demoed to me his Spendor D7 speakers in a room that was maybe 13’ x 13’ (or maybe smaller). The D7 is similar in size to the KEF Reference 3.

His room was treated and the sound was surprisingly good. We both thought the sound was a little restricted by the walls of the room but the music was enjoyable nevertheless. I would say he was hearing 80-90% of his speakers capability in that room.

I know the KEF Reference 1 is likely a better bet for an office. However, I have been missing the big bass sound of a floor stander and would like to understand what the minimum space requirements for the Reference 3 are. I will be moving to a new house, which I have not yet found, so I do not have NEW office dimensions to provide to this thread. I am hoping for some feedback here so I can be more picky in my house hunting.

The Reference 3 do have adjustable bass ports so you should be fine

We have our Ref 3 in a small Home Theater room 16 long by 13 wide and they sound fantastic in that room. 

The Ref 3 go low but not that low to over load that sized room and with the matching center the theater is pretty amazing.

So it really depends on just how small, as I said our room isn't that big and the Ref 3 work splendily. 

Hope that helps.

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Thanks this info is invaluable. Getting funds together with a second job. Going to be fun in 2018 finally buying some audio gear.