K2 remasters?

Over the last month or so at the local record shops (locally owned woo-hoo!) I've seen and bought several jazz discs labeled K2 remasters. Now I believe the K2 proccess is what's used to make XRCD's, so I'm wondering how do the K2's differ from the XRCD's soundwise. The K2's are regular cd prices as opposed to the XRCD's which are close to $25. Also, I think they sound great! I've gotten Bill Evans "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" and "Waltz for Debby" as well as Eric Dolphy "Far Cry". I've noticed a bunch more which I'll be slowly accumulating. Soundwise the music really projects out into the room, there's tons of air around everything, lots of background details just great. If you haven't checked these out you should, and if you can tell me more about them, or where to find more, or find them at better prices let me know.
These are, in fact, remastered by JVC, which also makes XRCDs. Fantasy, which owns a lot of the old jazz catalog, licenses the recordings to JVC for XRCDs, apparently under an agreement which allows Fantasy to release the remasterings as well.

The only reason I can see for XRCDs to cost $10 a pop more is market segmentation--putting the same product out under two different labels and appealing to different markets (i.e., audiophiles and non-audiophiles) who are willing to pay different prices.

For more on what Fantasy offers, see:

The manufacturing on the xrcds is higher quality I believe. I am very happy with the K2's ... they are fantastic.
Thanks for that link! They differentiate the remasters and they're cheaper then the local record store. I'll be ordering plenty more, thanks!