K-S Emotion or PAD Acqueos 20th Anniv. power cord

I bought two Kubala Sosna Emotion power cords for my system, first on the Accuphase DP700 player, then on the Luxman 509u integrated amp, replacing two Cardas Golden Reference.

Great improvement, expecially on the digital source: better staging, sound is more warm/natural and detailed at the same time.

So I bought the second Emotion for the 509u.

On the 509u I'd like more a more "full bodied" sound, the Emotion sounds a bit more natural in the highs but maybe a very little bit leaner in midrange and bass than Cardas Golden Reference, or at least they are very similar in bass output, and I expected more bass weight from the Emotion, after I heard the great improvement on the DP700.

I found an used Purist Audio Design Acqueos 20th Anniversary power cord... do you think it is the right cable for the integrated amp?

Does the PAD Acqueos sound "thicker" than the K-S Emotion?

I would not waste the second Emotion, since the DP700 is feeded by a Goldenote Dumbo filter: I would use an Emotion as input (now I use a Cardas G.R.) and another Emotion as output power cord.

Many thanks
In another topic I found this opinion:

"02-22-09: Jmcgrogan2
It sounds to me that you are looking at a K-S Emotion or a PAD Aqueous Anniversary or Dominus cord. Both of these are laid back and relaxed. IMHO the Emotion sounds a tad more 'natural' harmonically, while the PAD cords will offer a tad more bass.John"

It seems that the Acqueos is the right cable for more bass wheight on the integrated amp, while the Emotions are better on the digital source...

Any other comment?

Many thanks
I don't know what your price rage is, but if you are looking for more bass weight, I would recommend either a PAD Dominus w/ Ferox , and Elrod EPS-3 Signature or Statement. The Aqueous 20th Anniversary may have a touch more bass than the Emotion, but the Dominus and Elrod's will have significantly more bass weight, IMHO. As always, YMMV.