Joseph Audio RM 25XL speakers

I recently purchased a pair of these speakers, having had their predecessors, the JSE Infinite Slope speakers, in the 80's. I have had a dozen speakers in my system in the past few years and these are just the most dynamic, engaging speakers ever to grace my listening room. The low end extension is simply visceral and very well-controlled, and the upper end response is unparalleled in my room. They have an immense sound stage as well. I can listen to them for hours on end with no fatigue. I think I have finally reached "audio nirvana" in my system. They are very tube-friendly as well. Give them listen, I think you will very pleased. BTW, I have heard several of the Totem speakers recently and find them to have similar performance as the JA speakers.
Yeah, I totally agree.
I heard the Rm25xl at the Stereophile show in 2007
on the Moscode 402P hybrid integrated amplifier.
This was one of the best sounds at the show.
The Rm25xl had a really nice articulate sound and the bass was really good.
The Moscode used a passive volume control in the hybrid integrated amplifier.

I remember asking the guy at Joseph Audio about the 7 inch drivers he used in the Rm25xl speakers.
I really liked the way these drivers sounded.
He was telling me they were modified Seas drivers.
The the Rm25xl have a much fuller sound then the RM7's.
Plus the bass is better on the RM25XL.
I just acquired a pair of RM25XL speakers and got them set up this afternoon. Out of the box, for some reason, they were not that impressive, but after a few hours of listening to them, I am just blown away. I am using a Modwright KWA 100SE amp and a Belles 22A preamp and these speakers are simply creating a magical sound I have not heard before in my listening room.

I hooked up with Mark Williams on the "no fee" other internet audio forum and bought a pair of his teflon-coated, silver-plated copper IC's. On a flyer, I took a chance on Mark's $39 IC's and was simply blown away, without any "burn-in", at how incredibly musical and dynamic they are! Highly recommended!

04-25-13: Whitestix
I have had the LS50's for about a month, powered by a Modwright KWA 100 SE and Klyne preamp and I am just blown away with them. The are articulate and detailed and image very well. Vocals are just pristine, without a hint of sibilance.

08-14-13: Whitestix
I had a pair of EOS HD speaker and thought they were among the best stand-mounted speakers I ever heard at their price point.

08-10-13: Whitestix
I have had a lot of a speakers in and out of my system in the last several years, but opted for the VR-22's after the Newport Beach show in June. Unimpressive out the box, like many new speakers, they have over time broken in nicely and are absolutely the favorite speakers I have had in my listening my room at any price. At their price point, I could not recommend any speaker more highly! They leave me wanting for nothing in sound reproduction.

01-23-13: Whitestix
The best I have heard was the Hegel 300 at RMAF last fall for about $5500. It included a fine DAC. I was blown away by the speed and liquidity of the unit.

Is there anything that you have heard Mark that hasn't "blown you away"?

He must be a professional reviewer,..... Loves everything placed in their system, but doesn't own long enough to really give it a chance! Talk about never getting off the "Merry-Go-Round".
I had the RM25si speakers for years and loved them. This was my first dynamic speaker, being a long time Maggie owner.