Joseph Audio Pulsar Sp. on YOUTUBE-

Can someone PLEASE help me to identify the female vocalist on the youtube video demonstrating the Joseph Audio Pulsar/Bel Canto system? there's also a VPI Classic Turntable displayed in the video. i was really impressed with her voice and her singing style. IF you know who she is let me know. thanks!
Ask Peter Brueninger, he might remember you can ping him over on Audio Asylum, where he is a frequent contributor.
The song is from the band Springhouse. The song is called "On the Moon" from the album Colville. To the best of my knowledge, it is available only as a digital download from the website:

First attempt to post a link, hope it works. The songs are all available to listen to, and this one is available as a free download. I did get a kind reply from Peter Brueninger, but he did not know who it was. I found it by entering about 3 whole lines of the lyrics as a search. Just a few of the words did not come up with it. Worth a buy.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! i really enjoy this song, and now i know who, what, where, etc. i tried to figure out what the words were myself but gave up after a half-dozen attempts. AND apparently this is real audiophile material also.
Finally this forum comes through big time!
This is WAY BETTER than arguing over g-d knows what issues (that i really don't care about anyway...!).
That's Jane Selkye of the West Coast Americana band Springhouse.