Jeff Rowland Consummate Preamp

I noticed this preamp on Audiogon, recently...any current or previous owners available to characterize its sonic signature? The BAT VK-50SE sound appeals to me; however, it will have to wait. Thanks for any input.

I owned this particular preamp for years when I had my old Krell KSA-250 amp, but then upgraded to the Krell KPS-25SC playback system and FPB. You don't see many for sale because it is a fantastic pre-amp. Very musical for solid state, but without sacrificing detail. Also, images perfectly. If you saw the one for 1750.00, that's a great deal. Also, it has the best remote I have ever had and easy to read display. Good luck. I ran it into my Krell and B&W 801 Matrix III's with TRansparent reference cabling and Theta digital.
The rowland consummate preamp is a very good preamp, especailly the phono stage. It's typical Rowland sound, very rolled off in the mids and big bottom end. A little too colored if you have dark sounding speakers or tube gear. Works well with electrostats. I sold my rowland a few years back because I changed speakers.
Thanks Audionut and Fat_Albert for your informative replies. Sounds like you had a fine system with the Rowland, Krell, 801 III's, and Theta - Audionut! Currently, a Spectron Musician II is driving the Gallo Nucleus Reference II' you think the Consummate will complement this arrangement??

there was another thread on this topic begun on 1/17/01. suggest you check it out rather than my repeating what's already been said. good hunting
Sam, I unfortunately have no experience with the Spectron equipment and have only heard the Gallo satellite speakers in audio shop. Sorry I can't give you more info than that. I sold mine to go to the one box CD and preamp with Krell when I bought the FPB Krell mono's. I also sold my B&W for Wilson 5.1s. Wilson are clearer and more dynamic than the B&W, but lack some of the bass of the B&W.