JBL Summit L300 or Klipsch Cornwall for Jadis ?

I have been studying on which speaker to buy for my Jadis Orchestra Reference. So far, I have found 2 speakers that interest me, JBL Summit L300's and Klipsch Cornwalls.

I like the price of the Cornwalls and the looks of the Summits.

Could anyone who has listened to both share some thoughts on these speakers? I am really hoping to hear the singer right in the room with me. I am getting pretty close, but not quite all the way there yet.

Have never heard the L300's, but then again I have a Klipsch habit. Cornwalls with quality gear will provide what you are looking for. I own and use Cornwalls daily and yes the singer is in the room. Cornwalls excel in clarity and dynamics. Try to demo a pair. Check out the forum at www.klipsch.com.
It may be opposites attract, but as a diehard Maggie-lover-owner, I have somehow always liked the sound Klipsch classic series. Love the Cornwalls. Go with those.
To add to Macdadtexas post, I am a diehard stat fan and own Martin Logan Summits but have always enjoyed Horns, especially with tubes.

Both are great picks for a "in the room" presentation. If your going to be living with them a long time, pay the extra and get the JBL's, You'll look at that smoked glass top and that beautiful wood and have a nice pride of ownership thing. The Cornwalls will do what your after, so will the JBL's.

Have Fun
Originally I was a stats fan, then I became a horn fan. I have real horns in my main system and Altec Model 19s in a second system. The JBL L300s definitely have the looks going for them. The Cornwalls (and the 19s) are probably a bit more sensitive. The L300 cabinet, besides looking good, is quite solidly built. I agree with Steelhead the L300s will give you pride of ownership. Unless speaker design radically changes, I expect any one of these speakers would keep a great deal of their value. I for one think the 19s, at least at the price I bought them, are one of audio's great values.
I use to own for several years the pro speakers one grade up from the Summit 300's, the JBL 4343 Pro 4 way Speaker.
It used essentially the same drivers as the Summit 300's
except the 4343's had a special mid bass driver in its own enclosure and the woffer was sealed offf from the rest of the drivers as well. The speakers were so real huge dynamics lifelike midrange to die over and I'm sure with a tube set up u would be smiling ear to ear,and funny as I'm thinking about it I am now going the SET route in my system and wish I still had these big mosterous speakers again from 30 years ago. I'm not even sure if I have old photos of them I'll need to look around. AND Yes the Summit 300's look much better then the 4343's.
I have been studying on which speaker to buy for my Jadis Orchestra Reference
The Cornwall, no doubt. Esp. for your Jadis.
Both are nice, largish floorstanding speakers, both being somewhat hard to find, if you're looking for mint condition examples, the JBL L-300 will more than likely carry a hefty price tag.

If memory serves me correctly, the JBL 4333 was the Pro Studio version of the L-300, and a prime example may actually be more reasonably priced. The L-300 have been very hot items as of late. No Glass Tops on the JBL 4333, but they are as well a very attractive speaker, with Walnut Veneer, and the Blue Front Baffles yell out "I'm the pro version baby!"

Another highly efficient Speaker, which may be easier to acquire, and I just nabbed me a drop dead gorgeous pair, is usually more reasonably priced, and IMO is a relative killer bargain in today's market, is the JBL 4430 Studio Monitor. Again, Walnut Veneered, 127 lbs each, 35"x22"x16". Made longer than any other Pro Monitor in JBL's lineup, which was 18 years straight, this two way system does not fall short of the earlier 4300 Series family.

It's "Dolly Parton" Horn looks certainly different, and sort of odd compared to more conventional eponential Horn Designs, but this speaker is one that is definitely all business, is seamless in its sound, and is unique, that there are two L-Pad Adjustment Pots, to control Mid, and High Output of the Horn, making it in a way more like a three way system.

JBL did a lot of design, and research on this model, it should not be over-looked as an option.

I've listened to the original Cornwall on more than a few occasions, having a good friend who owns them. While later versions may sound better?, in a showdown between the 4430, and original Cornwall, I'd personally definitely take the 4430 as the speaker of choice.

All speakers mentioned in this thread so far are all great values, meaning they will retain thier value for the future. Of course the most important thing is thier sound, what good is value if you dislike the sound of the speakers? Very doubtful that you would not be blown away by the 4430 as another option for the L-300. Again, IMO, the 4430 is a superior sounding speaker versus the L-300, but does lack the 077 High frequency Tweeter that the L-300 possesses. Mark