JBL 1400 Array's

Has anyone listened to these? Impressions? I am thinking about getting a pair but no way to listen first. have Mcintosh Mc402 & c46 for sources
There's a guy on audiocircle who has a pair(he really likes them).I have seen maybe two reviews on them.I think the guys
user name is laundrew.
Replaced a pair of JBL 4350's in my room - and that takes some doing ! Running with a Krell KSA150 and very pleased with the results. They do all but the lowest octave better than the 4350.

A very, very good speaker IMHO.
I have listened quite a lot to both the 1400's and the L300 summit , and to me the array 1400 is far superior.
For me jbl array 1400 very good match with cat ultimate preamplifier and primaluna 7 .
I think I may get the lowest octave with the Array 1500 WG sub that I am purchasing. Then all will be well.
Hello Gents,

There were featured by JBL at RMAF...

Interesting the comments on the low bass, the 1400's are 3 db down at 25 hz signifying a lot of low frequency energy (as tested by stereophile) but it does have an 8 DB peak right around the 80-100 hz region, this could be the reason why it is perceived as being weak in the low bass.


Seems like they ( stereophile) liked it .......

I just paired them up with the Marantz MA9S2 reference monoblocks. I think they sound even better now. Very tight control over the 14" woofer.