Jazz for aficionados

Jazz for aficionados

I'm going to review records in my collection, and you'll be able to decide if they're worthy of your collection. These records are what I consider "must haves" for any jazz aficionado, and would be found in their collections. I wont review any record that's not on CD, nor will I review any record if the CD is markedly inferior. Fortunately, I only found 1 case where the CD was markedly inferior to the record.

Our first album is "Moanin" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers. We have Lee Morgan , trumpet; Benney Golson, tenor sax; Bobby Timmons, piano; Jymie merrit, bass; Art Blakey, drums.

The title tune "Moanin" is by Bobby Timmons, it conveys the emotion of the title like no other tune I've ever heard, even better than any words could ever convey. This music pictures a person whose down to his last nickel, and all he can do is "moan".

"Along Came Betty" is a tune by Benny Golson, it reminds me of a Betty I once knew. She was gorgeous with a jazzy personality, and she moved smooth and easy, just like this tune. Somebody find me a time machine! Maybe you knew a Betty.

While the rest of the music is just fine, those are my favorite tunes. Why don't you share your, "must have" jazz albums with us.

Enjoy the music.

I’m curious, how many rock musicians actually converted to attempt to play jazz? It’s only a question. I understand that there’s much more money in r&r. But really, is it about the money, or remaining true to a calling?

You actually asked how many rock musicians played Jazz and then the last question implies the question was about Jazz players playing Rock?

Very few rock musicians wanted to change to jazz, nor were most capable of the change if they did want to. Ginger Baker comes to mind as a rock player who actually wanted to play Jazz.

Jazz players played rock because it was the current trend. Maybe about money though, as nobody wants to go hungry. Did Shorter sell his soul with Weather Report? As the different trends go by young players who grew up listening to that trend will pick it up in their music. Lots of hip hop and Rap beats in the current Jazz. Classical always has an effect on the musicians. I remember Parker picking up on Stravinsky.

Jazz has never been stationary.