Jamo Concert 8s upgraded to another s/mount.

Looking to replace my Jamo Concert 8s. I have considered
the de Capo "i"s. What other s/mounts should I look at
around the same price? Using a SA 102 power amp, Wadia
301, and CD LAD pre. S/cables A/Q Sterlings.
Hello NZ!,

First, let me say that I have never heard the Jamo Concert 8's, I've only read the reviews. From the reviews it appears that the Concert 8/D830 sound great in some systems, but others find them too bright. Is the brightness your issue?

If brightness is the problem, then the De Capos might be a great relacement. I own the De Capos (not "i" version) and I find it to be an excellent speaker. I use 2A3 SET tube amps @ about 4-5 w/channel and that is enough in my small room. I have also connected them to my HT receiver and found them to sound very good driven by 120 watts of Solid State power.

I have owned a couple of speakers that I felt were too bright for my taste, in my system. The De Capo seems to have very good upper (and lower!) extension without the brightness that plagued some of my other speakers.

I'm not familiar with your amp, so I can't say how the De Capos will work in your system, but they are the best speakers I've owned for my taste, my room, my system.


Thanks Reubent. I've heard some good reviews on the De Capos "i"s. They seem to major on scale and neutrality.
With the Jamos, the highs do seem to be bright, and I've
been trying to tame them without any success. They do have great bass extension for a standmount, though.