Is upgrade from ML 332 to 332.5 worth it?

Have anyone upgrade the Mark Levinson 332 amp to 332.5 dealer asking about $1950. Is it worth upgrading or just sell the amp and getting the 335 used, what is the really different between 332 and 335. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
IMHO you will never recapture your $ on an upgrade relatively speaking. There is too much handwaving about receipts, upgrade stickers, how can I be sure, when it comes time to unload. I prefer selling what you have and getting the cash best deal from the dealer on the 335 or a used one on Agon. Besides, the .5 isn't all the way to a 5 sonically, according to the press.
My friend just sold his 333 & got the 383 integrated. He says the 334, 5 & 6 are about to be replaced by new models.
If Madrigal does what they did last time (new circuit board upgrade for 2K & you still can't (change-upgrade) the heat sinks), I'd wait for the new models.
I have Pass, Rowland, Aragon & Sherbourn amps. I don't agree with Madrigal's philosophy of planned obsolescence. -Just my opinion...
Thanks for all the responses, yes I wonder about the new model because it been awhile 4 yrs I think regarding the 3 series 4,5,6 been out there. Any one know Madrigal going to release the new series. Thanks again