Is there a web site for streaming DSD recordings to include DSD, Double DSD & Quad DSD?

I attended Dr. David Robinson's Positive-Feedback DSD Presentation at the Los Angeles Audio Show.  During the presentation, I said I was using Tidal Streaming (Aurender N10) and asked if there was a web site for streaming DSD recordings (DSD, Double DSD & Quad DSD).

Much to my shock and surprise, his associate said YES.  I could not believe it.  

PrimeSeat is a streaming service providing high-res sound sources.  This web site runs on Windows and MAC computers.  Please see:

Since I am using an Aurender N10 Music Server, I immediately RAN to the Aurender room to suggest they add this capability to their Aurender music servers.  They agreed to contact Prime Seat to determine if an API is available and a host of other technical implementation questions.  Of course, there is no time line but they promised to keep me posted.  Any required software development by Prime Seat and/or Aurender is going to take time.

The Prime Seat web site provides addition information about the required hardware set up.  For example, for the MAC Computer, a stable high-speed internet connection of more than 12Mbps is required.  Wired LAN connection recommended.  An audio device that supports Core Audio A KORG DS-DAC series product or an audio device that supports DoP (DSD over PCM frame) is required for native DSD playback.  Please see their web site for hardware requirements for a Windows based computer.    Based on my understanding, Prime Seat is currently a free service but this could change (I do not know).

I have no direct experience with Prime Seat but it looks very interesting.  I also have no experience regarding the sound quality coming from DSD Recordings.   Has anyone tried Prime Seat and have any comments?   Please also include your computer setup and what was actually required to run Prime Seat.  

I discovered Prime Seat a while back, running it on my Windows10 Pro machine, USB into my DAC, for some reason (I think it's Windows) it converts the DSD stream into PCM (as shown on my DAC's display).  I did a little digging and found there are ASIO and WSAPI drivers, can't remember which one I have from PS Audio, but I probably needed the other type to support DSD on the USB port.  Just one of those things I thought I'd spend time diagnosing and solving, when I had a lot more time to devote to it.

I have just ordered a PS Audio DirectStream transport, when connected to my DirectStream DAC using the I2S cable, when playing SACDs, does some sort of "handshake" with the DAC (to satisfy Sony's anti-copy requirements) and sends native DSD to the DAC.  I can't wait till this new transport arrives, from what I read is the "cat's meow".
Can someone please explain these ASIO and WSAPI drivers.  

My Aurender N10 does not support Prime Seat but I want to notify them that ASIO and WSAPI drivers are required (I think).

In summary, what special hardware requirements are required to stream DSD files and NOT have the converted to PCM?  For example, what is required to support DSD on the USB port?

ASIO is a proprietary play back protocol,  you can only use it if your playback system allows it.  
Wasapi is windows version of ASIO,  it works with just about any windows compatible program. 
Direct Stream is the standard  and day in and day out, I actually use
Kernel Streaming 

Streaming DSD? I'd like to know that myself.

otherwise, Could be off here some from poor memory, but here’s my slant.

ASIO and WASAPI are more protocols than drivers. Initially Audio Stream Input output, ASIO came along early on as a better way to diminish lag times for recording purposes between software and hardware.
Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) is a computer sound card driver protocol for digital audio specified by Steinberg, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computer's sound card.

A bunch of software apps allowed or included ASIO protocols for music playback via USB sound cards to yield as best a SQ as could be had by defeating or at least circumventing the windows sound mixer which was impossible prior to ASIO tech.

When Windows Vista came along WASAPI became a default for the new OS way for handling audio formats. Its pretty much an alternative to ASIO but allows for volume control from the app.

I believe its more flexible to with varying word lengths and bit rates.

As previously stated, Kernel streaming and direct streaming are alternative paths for sending music out of the digital environment and onto or into digital converters, despite the interface being used.

Different streaming protocols offer this or that. I’ve used them all. They seem more hardware dependant than anything else. IOW some apps support KS for ex. And some don’t.

Some streaming protocols will only be seen or accepted by the hardware, the interface may be proprietary in some cases.

If your DAC doesn’t convert, see, accept, or support DSD, you’ll have to depend on your soft app to convert it to PCM. I’ve yet to meet the DAC which won’t play PCM info.

Some servers will do the conversion of DSD to PCM too. Some renderers will as well.

I’ve not become familiar enough with DSD 64/128 or DOP to say more. I’ve never heard of DSD quarto. Just Master Quality Audio, as tidal is streaming.

Here is a link to Roon KB that might help too.

PrimeSeat enhanced their DSD Streaming on July 4, 2017 with the addition of DSD 11.2 MHz (aka Quad DSD or DSD 256) Stereo streaming.  

Another reason to keep an eye on PrimeSeat.  They really are pushing the boundaries of what is possible streaming high resolution DSD audio - without data reduction techniques!
No luck here. Tried my wireless 5G and then wired computers, both 200Mbps, one with a HD-DAC1 and the other with xDSD ie native DSD decoders. Tweaked and tweaked, the HD-DAC1 showed DSD but every stream ended 33%-67% into buffering wtih the statement:

" /!\ Netwok too slow, streaming has stopped"

Soundcard capture was never an issue, when the PrimeSeat app took it over it showed DSD with computer showing unknown speaker. Changing buffer sizes did not help. 

Who can help?

No luck here either. I'm on Verizon's 500 down and 500 up, connected through ethernet to my high end pc (Ryzen 7 2700X, 32GB 2933, RTX 3080) USB 3.0 to ifi ZEN DAC V2 with balanced cable to Sundara. 

I tried to play around with the audio settings but once it gets to 5644800 sample rate, it won't work. And if I use Auto to goes to max, still won't work. I read on PrimeSeat's website that a DAC
" An audio device that supports Core Audio
A KORG DS-DAC series product or an audio device that supports DoP (DSD over PCM frame) is required for native DSD playback."
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