Is Krell KPS-30i A Good Transport?

I have no complaints on this player but was intrigued if an outboard DAC would bring this player to another level. As far as I know, the internal DAC of the Krell is quite good and can hold its own against most DAC's out there although it's an old one.

Anyone with a similar player who have used it with a DAC and got substantial improvements in detail and overall refinement?
Hi Ryder,
The 30 is a real good player, same dacs that the kps20, different transport (not as good).
The only upgrade that really improve is buy a best cdp ie the kps20 or the even better kps25.
Just my two cnts.
Thanks for the response Ruben. I did not expect this thread to come alive again, and I guess there isn't many kps-30i owners around that have paired this piece with a DAC. I didn't realise that the kps30i has the same dac as in the 20i. If that is the case, I think I'll stick with the standalone player for a while until it dies before I figure out my next CD player.
Hy Ryder,
The only thing that you need is buy a replacement mechanics (the most prone to failure with the time) and you are ready to years without problems.