Is Audiogon search working since 5/15/19?

For at least the last 24 hours, I can't get the items I search for to sort according to date posted. I tried the site on my laptop and my phone. I get the same results - no order to the search results regardless of what sort option I pick. The order doesn't change.
I haven't seen anyone post about it anywhere.
Is anyone else experiencing this?

We are aware of the problem and hope to have it fixed sometime today or tomorrow. 
Agreed but as admin said should hopefully be fixed promptly.

Thanks Audiogon!
Hopefully they get it sorted out sometime, soon. I'd like to list some items in the upcoming week.
Still issues?
What platform are you using?

I saw it was fixed on both Android and windows pc using edge browser.

Another member said his iPad was giving issues still though
Not working on OS X Mojave and Chrome.  Sorting is wrong, and matching is partial not exact.
So looks like they have issues with Apple.
Hopefully admin will see this and fix it asap.
One issue I did notice last night was in these forums!

I was trying to search topics with Magnepan in it.
As I selected more filters which should have REDUCED number of results , instead the results INCREASED vastly!

Example 9600 results for title and body, when I selected title only in filters it shot up to 27000 results!.

C'mon Agon let's get the house in order please!
Once upon a time; it was easy to peruse the listings, for items of potential, personal interest. Since the, "improvements"; nothing has been as easy to narrow down. Used to search listings on a daily basis. Haven’t even tried, in a few months.
Hopefully by the end of this week, they'll get it sorted out. As a seller, I won't be listing until the search is fully operable.
The search still isn’t working. Some effort was obviously made but it is arguably worse, now, than previously.
Entering something into the search field results in a list that is loosely related or unrelated to what was searched for.

Still not working guys, but here's a clue:

I search for "Naim"  besides getting "Naim" I also get "NAd" and "NAgra" .. seems like you're only searching and sorting on the first 2 characters ..

It's disappointing that 2 weeks later, the search still isn't working.

I'm neither browsing the site the way I did previously nor listing the high value items I'd usually be putting on Audiogon, first.


I honestly think they should completely back out any of these new "search" changes. Based on behavior, it seems like they are attempting to add in some sort of "similar results" logic to boost additional ad potential. However, it is causing users to feel very confused and definitely not confident that they are finding what they are looking for.

For example, last several days I have been trying to search for "wireworld hdmi". I’m getting back some wireworld hdmi results, but I also get Audioquest cables, KEF speakers, B&W soundbar, John Denver, etc. etc. etc. It’s providing a feel that audiogon is a waste of money and that posting a "for sale" ad is not going to return any results.  Jeez, I just want to buy some "wireworld hdmi" cables.  That's all I want!

That can't purposely be the way the search works? Could it?

I have no confidence that buyers will be able to find what I list!

it's starting to fell like a feature not a bug, i.e. search is behaving exactly how AG wants it to.
It is starting to tick me off immensely!

I thought it was fixed but no it is now 1000 times worse!

As stated previously, a simple request that should result in about 12 items instead gives A few hundred, some of which I cannot begin to fathom the association with my search term.

I gave up and listed my items on USA audiomart instead.

And sold a 3k pair of speakers from there this morning for no fees.

C'mon audiogon get with it before you lose ALL of your paying customers!
Is Audiogon communicating about the status of search functionality?

I checked here, Twitter, and Facebook and couldn't find anything which is what compelled me to start a thread about it.

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Although this is an old thread, but you can try try this:

After you register, and save your searches, you will get instant alert once something comes up that matches you searches.