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Is Audiogon search working since 5/15/19?
Still not working guys, but here's a clue:I search for "Naim"  besides getting "Naim" I also get "NAd" and "NAgra" .. seems like you're only searching and sorting on the first 2 characters .. 
New Look for Audiogon hard to work with
Echo the above ... it is an appalling update.  Not just visually either.  The search is messed up .. the date listed feature doesn't work .. where's the text listing feature ?  What a monstrosity to wake up to on a Monday morning ..  
Shiit yggdrasil
SKOCZYLAS"Has anyone compared the balanced vs RCA outs on the schiit?"Yes I have but, the results, while stunning, cannot be attributed solely to the XLR outputs.I've had an YGGY for about 6 months now .. I introduced it into my total NAIM system ... 
My personal experiences moving from Sttaf to Hawk
A great piece of hi-fi journalism, well thought out and extremely well presented.I drive a pair of Hawks with the Naim NAC202/NAP200 pre/power amps and the result is really sensational. I've had people try to find the subwoofer in my listening roo...