Iowa Audiophiles

Any one into high end audio in Iowa? It would be great to have someone to talk shop with in my home State.
Thanks for your response. I'm near Ottumwa, about an hour and fifteen minutes from Des Moines. I've been to AudioVideo Logic a couple times. They carry some nice stuff but they're pretty limited. I'll shoot you a PM next time I go to Des Moines.
I'm in the Iowa City area, grew up in Des Moines and head over there pretty frequently. Would be great to get something going. Not sure if AVL or Audio Labs would ever be interested in hosting an event. 
I’m in Cedar Rapids. Have a decent system with Legacy Whisper XDS, Legacy Foundation subs, Theta Digital Citadel power amps, Ayre K5XEmp pre, PSAudio Direct Stream DAC. 

AVL in Des Moines on occasion hosts manufacturer events. I met Andrew Jones there once. He was demoing his original TAD One Reference. It was spectacular.

When it's convenient, a trip to Omaha would be good...  Sound Environment is

one of the best high end stores in the country! Wilson, Rockport, and Sonus

Faber speakers, Gryphon and D'Augustino amplification, DCS and TechDas

sources, McIntosh, etc.  Open Tuesday through Saturday, easy access of of I-680.

Look it up on the net and plan in the Spring...