Interview with Ian Anderson-Jethro Tull- Early Tull on Vinyl

I had the privilege of talking with Ian Anderson about those marvelously inventive years where he transformed Jethro Tull from a blues band to something quite different: mixing hard rock with folk, setting medieval style ballads into a fresh, inventive context that drew from a variety of influences. Anderson has created enduring music for almost 50 years. Here is the piece: [url][/url]. 
It is accompanied by a sidebar covering the early albums, along with some listening impressions of various pressings I had to hand: [url][/url] 

I hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as I did working on them. 

Thanks for the article. I have always been a Tull fan since the beginning. I saw them a few years ago at the Paramount in Oakland. I heard just yesterday that Ian Anderson will be touring later this year. Good news!