Interconnects between table and phono stage

Has anyone tried Kubala Sosna Anticipation interconnects between their turntable and phono stage (with a separate ground wire)? How well do those cables work as phono interconnects? I am new to analog, and need to decide what cables to get for the Scout I am putting in place in my system. The rest of my cabling is Kubala Sosna, so I think they'll be a good match. However, should I get a "True" phono interconnect between the table and the phono stage and then put the Kubala Sosna from the phono stage to the preamp? Or just do all Kubala Sosna? Hope this makes sense, and thanks ahead of time for your input.
Not familiar with that cable, but I have been told that cables from turntable to phono pre should be shielded due to the small signals involved.

More knowledgeable folks can jump in and give more specific recs, or point out when unshielded might be OK in this situation.
The amount of needed shielding seems somewhat dependent on the cart. MC more shielding, MM less so. My cables are essentially unshielded but have two twisted conductors for RFI rejection. I have a separate ground wire, the cart is a Grado Sonata.
I use Audioquest with my Scout. The DBS does a very good job keeping the cables broken in. You can use a regular pair of IC's, also. No need to get a phono IC.