Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm

Has anyone lived with this tonearm for a while?  I am curious to see what you think of the unit.  I can see the frictionless design but I don't see how it remains in alignment while playing.  It is some very impressive "out of box" thinking, which caught my interest.

Yes, two years.  Frankly, in all that time, my philosophy has not changed.  If it doesn't make any engineering sense to me, then I don't spend the effort to buy it and listen to it.  The high end audio world is filled with snake oil and other junk equipment that doesn't work and it is just someone wanting to make a quick buck.  This arm might sound great in my system or it may not, but if I can't see how the designer is thinking and follow his/her philosophy, then I won't spend the effort to give it a try.  Perhaps I missed out on some great gear, but I've never been bitten by the snake oil monster either.  For this arm to take a spin in my system, it will have to have some overwhelming 3rd party evidence that will work like a champ. 

There may be an aspect to this tonearm that totally escaped my notice, first time around. Is it meant to underhang the spindle? I searched this thread, a review article in Positive Feedback, and the Integrity website in order to answer my own question, and I did not find the information. (Not to say it isn’t there, but if it is there, I missed it.) In some of the photos on the Integrity website, it does appear to be underhung. If its mounting geometry is such that it is meant to overhang the spindle, then I agree with its detractors; the design seems hopeless. But as an underhung tonearm, it is quite interesting. However, it cannot be free of at least some bearing friction, and it cannot be free of skating force. Nor can I imagine why cartridges mounted on it would not need any attention to azimuth.

So can any one of the happy users of this tonearm tell me whether it is meant to be set up so that the stylus tip underhangs the spindle? In other words, is the spindle to pivot distance greater than the pivot to stylus distance? Thx

@phantom_av I know that's a combo that the good Dr. has installed many times.  Everyone I know has been happy with this arm and on a pretty wider variety of tables.   Enjoy!!