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Atma-Sphere Class D… Amazing
"Does the quote above suggest Alberto (AGD) is misleading in his saying his GANFET is made for audio?" No.  His GANFET was designed with audio as the use case.  
Butcher Block Acoustics Product Differences
Why Mapleshade over BBA?  
Chord Ultima Pre 3
Thanks for the response!  It sounds like the dealer's demo unit may have had an issue when running single-ended.  I'm going to revisit when he gets the repaired unit back.    
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
@hilde45 I can't tell you where the Klipsch cabinets are made, outside of telling you that my pair of Forte IIIs looked great and seemed well constructed.   I can tell you that I have seen how Volti does things, having been to Greg's Baxter facil... 
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
What Greg first did was fix some friends' older Khorns by designing a replacement horn for them.  His horns were such a dramatic improvement over the original that he realized he could build a better speaker.  From his background in building furni... 
Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?
Can't directly compare to the Cornwalls, but I did own the Forte III's that I actually traded to Greg as part of a deal to buy a pair of Razz speakers.  I did a quick review for Greg (and my local audio group) on the differences between the Forte ... 
Cable upgrades
Just skimming through some of the posts and wanted to toss out a recommendation if you are ever bored and want to try something different.  I'm using the Analysis Plus Silver Apex XLRs in my system and they are EXACTLY what you described in your p... 
I see the issue with ABX blind testing
Throw a Lagavulin in there and I'm pretty sure they would figure it out.  
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
@classicrockfan Pardon if I don't take your technical expertise on these topics as definitive.  It appears you have yet to master something as simple as posting in a forum in a cogent manner, so I'm guessing the technical details of AB Tech's USB ... 
Considering a Backert Rhythm 1.4, talk me out of it
I own a Rhythm 1.3.  There is nothing to talk you out of :-)  I'm using mine with a McGary amp and Fleetwood Deville SQs, so a conical horn design.  
Technics SL-1200GAE or VPI HW-40 or …?
If you are still looking at weights and mats, I tried a bunch of weights on my 1210G and somewhat surprisingly came away most impressed with the Origin Live Gravity One--which weighs the least of any that I tried.  It's really impressive, everythi... 
Review: Pure Fidelity Harmony Turntable
Not to revive an old thread, but I finally added the Conductor speed controller and its motor in place of the Maestro.  It makes a pretty profound difference.  The last record I played before the change was an original copy of XTC's Skylarking, wh... 
Volti does it again!
@doyle3433 +1.  Greg did that demonstration at the first or second Capitol Audio Fest that he exhibited at.  It's a pretty compelling demo.  
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
My two favorites are In-Akustik Reference USB ($550 for 1.5M) and my current reference, AB Tech KLAR ($1,350).  
Volti does it again!
@tonnesen If no one bites here, reach out to Greg when he gets back from Florida and see if he's willing to connect you with anyone who owns Rivals in Denver/Boulder. The speakers I demoed at someone's house years ago were Merlin VSM MXs.  After ...